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Looking for love?

If your are looking for love, stop looking in the same old places. You've been there, done that. Its time to raise your expectations and widen your search....

Love is probably the most fundamental human need. Isn't it amazing how many people don't find it? Not really. Most people set their sights too low and keep on looking in the same old places... like at work or among the same circle of friends going to the same parties.

Time for a change!

This web sites offer you a choice of tens of millions of people who are also looking for love! Check out the best International dating web sites. Or, if you are looking for a South African, visit Dating South Africa - which has over 40000 singles profiles listed. Intelligent people looking for love who are turning what the Internet has to offer to their advantage.

We suggest that you visit Dating South Africa (or an international dating web site) - do a search setting the criteria that important to you - check out the results - in most cases you will find 'matches' - people you do not already know - in most cities and town in South Africa.

Dating South Africa offers a huge choice, and the time to choose at your leisure. Do some searches, pick the people that look promising - and contact them.

Low risk looking for love

All 'first contacts' are through 'the system'. As anonymous as you like.

Only disclose your real name, email address and phone numbers when you are comfortable and think that the possibility of romance may be in the air.

We suggest that you do not do this (disclose you contact details) until you have met the person - for example for a cup of coffee or a walk on the beach or in a park.

Low cost

You can join Dating South Africa for free. Only subscribe (this enables you to contact other people) - for as little as R30 a month (R69.95 for only one month) - when you are sure that there are members looking for love that you like the look of and interest you.

To join Dating South Africa (no cost or obligations)
click here.

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