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How To Get Women To Approach YOU

I have an important question for you...

Have you ever had a woman come up to YOU and start
a conversation... and you could tell that she was
"interested" in you?

The reality is that this doesn't happen to most
guys very often... even guys who are really good looking.

The truth is there are 2 reasons why a woman won't
approach a man she wants to meet:

  1. She doesn't feel any attraction towards him
  2. She feels some attraction, but she is too shy or
    intimidated to do anything about it
You should know by now that there are a TON
of things you can do to attract a woman that will
get you FAR BETTER results than being good looking
will ever do for you...

But here's something you might not realize...

Many of these things start BEFORE you ever meet

That's right... If you know how to project the
right "signals", you can make women feel powerful
sexual attraction for you FROM ACROSS THE ROOM.

And... if you know how to do this in a way that
makes women feel COMFORTABLE with the idea of approaching
you, you can literally walk into a room and physically
draw women to you like a magnet.

I'm serious. This is powerful stuff.

And here's the best part...

This is something ANY GUY can learn to do.

This month I interviewed a WOMAN who is an EXPERT
at reading and projecting SEXUAL body language.

She trains men and women how to get in touch with
their INNER sexuality, and how to project a powerful
sexual energy that can silence a room.

She shared some insights and techniques that I
found to be truly mind blowing.

Here are a few of the secrets she shared with me:

  • A body language secret--stolen from Hollywood's "leading
    men" -- that you can use to communicate MASCULINE POWER
    and SEXUAL ENERGY simply by walking into a room

  • Four simple "tweaks" you can make to your posture that
    make you stand out to women - in any size crowd

  • How to use a woman's personal space to draw her toward
    you in a conversation

  • Most guys don't realize that where you place your
    hands when talking to a woman gives her subtle hints
    about your sexual experience... my friend revealed
    how you how to use this to make a woman think you're
    a LENGENDARY LOVER without saying a word

  • How to read the subtle body language cues women give
    off and how to know exactly when it's the right time
    to "make a move"

  • The often ignored (but easy to learn) body language
    tricks that guarantee you a great first impression
    with a woman every time

  • The BAD body language you must eliminate if you want
    women to think you are confident and experienced

And this is just the beginning... this interview turned
out FAR BETTER than I ever expected.

But then I ran into a problem...

Due to some issues that I won't bore you with...
and after editing the usable audio that I had... I
only have about a HALF HOUR of actual "GOOD" material.

Which leaves me in a serious dilemma...

Even though this interview is one of the best
I've done, I just didn't feel good about sending out
an interview that's only 30 minutes long.

No matter how good it is, I just can't do it.

So this month, if you're subscribed to my Interview
Series, I'm going to do something I've NEVER done

I've decide that I'm going to include another
FULL LENGTH interview along with it.

I did an interview with a "regular guy" who's UNUSUALLY
SUCCESSFUL with women... and he shared some great
ideas any "regular guy" can use to attract EXCEPTIONAL

Here are some of the amazing things he shared:

  • 3 easy-to-learn body language secrets that cause
    a woman drop her guard and feel completely comfortable
    around you from the moment you meet
  • The critical mistakes even experienced men make that
    will kill a conversation with a woman before it starts
  • Ever wonder why you never seem to attract that one
    "special" girl you REALLY WANT... even though other women
    are dying to go out with you? Here's the REAL reason
    why guys mess this up... and what to do about it

  • The popular date idea that women secretly HATE (Hint:
    It's not dinner, and if you don't know what it is,
    you're probably using it now)

  • The big body language "mistake" women make when they
    WANT to talk to a man that will actually discourage
    her if you don't know how to spot it

  • How to "stack the deck" when traveling and line up
    dates with women in every place you're headed BEFORE
    you get there
  • The simple phrases that can be used in any country
    in the world to comfortably and easily start up a
    conversations with beautiful women
  • 2 never-before-shared fashion secrets that guarantee
    a great first impression with a woman... even if you
    bumble the conversation!
  • One of the best ways I've ever heard to build up
    powerful sexual tension and physical attraction in
    a woman without ever laying a finger on her (If you've
    ever fantasized about having a woman tearing at your
    clothes and begging you to have your way with her,
  • Killer date ideas that separate you from every other
    guy she's met and AUTOMATICALLY create a powerful
    connection between you a woman can't ignore

  • An easy way to approach a woman in a grocery store
    that works EVERY TIME

  • The subtle way to impress her with your business
    card WITHOUT looking like a doofus... and get her phone
    number at the same time!
  • The important thing "naturals" do BEFORE the date
    that all "ordinary" guys forget
  • A "magic" ice breaker that makes it easy for you
    to start up a conversation with any woman in a bar
    or nightclub
  • A secret place where women almost ALWAYS outnumber
    the men (You'll want to keep this one to yourself)

This is a full-length interview, and it was originally
going to be sent out on its own.

Like I said... these interviews are KILLER... and
if you're subscribed to my Interview Series, I'm to
send BOTH of them to you as a one-time "screw up special".

So here's the deal:

These interviews are going to press on Friday

If you want to hear them, you're going to need
(November 11th).

When you subscribe, I'm also going to send you
a starter kit with 2 other DOUBLE LENGTH interviews
at no cost. (You're getting SIX CD's total).

What if you don't like what you hear?

If you take the time to listen to these CD's and
you don't get a BOATLOAD of valuable, usable information...
than I've wasted your time... and I want you to keep
ALL of them for free.

I'm serious.

I'm not crazy. And I wouldn't make this offer if
I wasn't 100% SURE that you're going to get TEN TIMES
the value you're expecting.

Count on it.

Go here for all of the details, and to sign up:

And I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David D.

P.S. If you'd like to send me a Success Story, Question, or Comment, follow these guidelines:

  1. Keep it short and to the point. Two paragraphs max.
  2. Tell me what's working for you before you ask your question. I appreciate all of the "Your stuff is great" and "I don't need to tell you how well your stuff works" comments, but the fact is that I DO need to hear all of the specifics... because this helps other guys to see what's working in different situations.
  3. If you have a Success Story, write "Success Story" in the subject line of the email. I read these first.
  4. At the end of the email, give me your initials and tell me where you're from.
  5. Send it to me at:

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