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How To Approach Attractive Women


Hey Dave,

I just had to tell you how great your stuff is.
I got your first email (ten things most guys do) and
before I finished reading the list went to the site
and ordered the book. I figured what can I lose,
I don't have success now and I spent more then $40
on my last date? I read it as soon as I downloaded
it then read it again the next day, of course went
and bought comedy writing secrets the 3rd day and read
that the same afternoon. I have to tell you I was
clueless before I read your book. I would naturally
get a few women attracted to me when I wasn't trying
because I didn't have interest in them and would bust
on them for my own amusement. Of course when ever I
got a date I would turn into major WUSS boy and do
all the things I shouldn't. I now understand and it
all makes perfect sense. The best part about your system
is that it's not trying to manipulate women it's teaching
you how to make yourself more attractive to them. I
still have a lot to learn but it's only been a week
since I ordered the book so I'm well on my way. WUSS
boy no more. On to the success, remember it's just
the first week so it's still minor success right now.

I'm naturally introverted so coming up with spur
of the moment funny is somewhat of a problem (I'm
working on it everyday). With that said I decided
to get some practice with online personals. I had
already posted a profile before so I went back made
some modifications and started sending emails. I did
ok with my own cocky/funny responses but it was taking
a little to much time to write the emails... I started
taking some of your examples and modifying them to
my own needs. So far I'm at about a 90% response
rate, and I'm only sending emails to the best looking
girls on there who have obviously gotten a lot of
emails. One of the responses I just got today (she
looks like about a 9.5 from her pics) was:

" far as I know I am fairly normal....I
think!!! I'm kinda in a hurry so I can't really write
much right now...sorry but I will definitely get back
to you Mr. Cuteness! (God this stuff is great, I'm
gonna have some fun with this one!)"

Also one of the dates I went on only a day or two
after reading your stuff went great. I had her laughing
the entire time and even had her telling me about
her sex toys. (Most women I know like to talk about
sex just as much as guys so if you can bring it up
in a cocky/funny way you can have some great conversation.)
Anyway, on to the end. I knew I wasn't really interested
in her so I cut it short and didn't take things to
the next step, but it was great practice and I got
an email the next day saying how much she enjoyed
herself and that I am naturally charismatic and that
if I didn't vibe her the same way she still wants
to hang out. Oh I don't want to forget, I used the
you want me thing and had her blushing. Needless to
say I'm about to start having a lot of fun. Thanks
for giving me that great big He-Bitch-Slap and smacking
the wuss out of me.

Forever Grateful (I know wussie closing),

D at the UofA

P.S. For those of you who haven't done it: READ


You're welcome for the He-Bitch-Man-Slap.

We all need one at some point in life.

Glad I could help.

I appreciate your comment about my materials not being
about manipulating women... but instead being about
becoming ATTRACTIVE to women.

Most men don't get this distinction, but once you
DO get it, an entirely different world opens up...
and all kinds of things become available that weren't

Another side note: I was just like you when I got
started. The Cocky & Funny comments didn't come quickly
and naturally to me.

I practiced a lot online, chatted with a lot of women,
etc. to polish up my skills.

It didn't help that I had to also FIGURE OUT what
Cocky & Funny even WAS to begin with... but I feel
where you're coming from.

Stay with it. You're on the right track.



Your material is awesome! It has completely changed
my dating and it's results! I lost a really hot girlfriend
late last year, and it wasn't until I started reading
your newsletters that I finally understood what went
wrong. I wussed out, completely. "I just need some
room to find myself. It's not you, it's me." Man you
were literally quoting my gf!

But now I get it. In the last few months I have
been able to get phone numbers every time I go out,
if I want to. I get chicks to buy ME drinks now, and
had one girl force her number on me! Gotta love that.
Even some of the girls with boyfriends I hang out
with every now and then are saying I'm cocky, and pull
the o'l hit me on the shoulder and give me the "I can't
believe you just said that" look, with a big smile
of course. Man everything you have said makes perfect
sense, and really works! I got my first date from
an online dating service by replying to this chick
with a very cocky and slightly funny statement that
I mostly intended to drive her away. She wrote back
saying I was way too cocky, but you know what? She
went out with me! MUAHAHAHAAA.

I haven't found the right girl yet, but your techniques
have helped me weed out more wrong ones in the last
few months than in the last few years before! And
I can't describe how cool it feels to have a stack
of numbers that I will never call, but know I could
if I wanted too.

I'm about to get your e-book, so I'll keep you updated
on how well that works.

One question though, what's your deal with tea?

CL - Dallas, TX


lol.... what's my deal with tea?

It's classy, cheap, and quick. And you can escape
if she winds up being crazy.

Try it, you'll like it.

Iced tea is acceptable as well, by the way... lol.

Now, you said a lot of great stuff in your email.

You're not the only guy who's heard those painful
words "I need to find myself" and "It's not you, it's
me". Yea, right.

Well, now that you understand ATTRACTION better, you'll
definitely be preventing that in the future.

I enjoyed your story about the online personal date...
and how she said that you were too cocky, then WENT

Now you're getting it...

And I like the way you think... you haven't found
the right girl YET, but by beginning to understand
ATTRACTION you've been able to weed out the ones who
aren't right for you FASTER.

When you read my book, make sure and pay close attention
to the bonus report that comes with it called "The
8 Personality Types Of Men Who Are Naturally Attractive
To Women".

That guide will help you understand how to keep the
girl you want... when you do find her.

Thanks for the email.



A nod to the 33rd degree Mason of Women! I wasn't
sure I'd be convinced, but you have done it. Kudos,
my man!

I'm 30 and I always felt that I was GOOD with women,
and many of my mates have come to me for advice, but
I really wanted to be (and KNEW) that I was capable
of so much more. I bought the book, read it front
to back, TWICE in one weekend, and went out ASAP to
practice. Long story short, it works. I've always
been C+F, but when confronted by a stunner (a 9 or
a 10) I often felt as though the Force had left me.
Not so any more. I got emails left and right, had
a few dates, but usually by date 3 I had shelved the
C+F. Needless to say, there was no date 4. And then
I met this AMAZING hottie, a beautiful 20 year old
with a body that EVERY guy dreams of touching (believe
it!). * *We were walking down the street coming back
home from the beach (only 3 blocks) and 4 different
times along the way, guys were literally turning their
heads to look at her, and 1 guy actually looked at her,
then looked at me, back at her again and said "DAMN!"
and gave me a nod. AWESOME! :D I felt like the man!
Then, on the next block, two dudes were whistling and
yelling down from their balcony at her "Yo baby, you're
hot!" and so I broke out the C+F and yelled back "Thanks
dude, but I'm taken!" She busted a gut! It was too
funny! Your techniques really are worth more than
gold. It made such an impression on her that out of
the blue she began laughing a few days later and when
I asked her what was so funny, she said "I was just
thinking about what you said to those guys on the balcony.
That was SO FUNNY!" Constant C+F= constant sex and
admiration from her. It's the most basic math. We've
only been together for 2 months, but she's already told
me how she has never felt so much for someone in so
short a period of time, and that it really surprises
her how quickly she became hooked on me.

You are the man! I'm now considering selling some
of my stuff to buy your DVDs...

Peace from Down Under,
JB in Australia.



I LOVE to get letters like yours. Love it.

You mentioned one of the ULTIMATE ways to handle it
when other guys "compete" with you for the girl you're


The thing that really screws things up for most guys
when this happens is letting it take them off balance...
and screw up their composure.

By laughing it off, or even making fun of the guys
who are trying to make their move, you wind up coming
off even MORE powerful.

Congratulations on finding a great girl. I'm proud
of ya, man!


Hey David,

This is O from Chicago sending you a quick reminder
to check out "The Maltese Falcon" with Humphrey Bogart.
This movie is just loaded with quick comebacks for
women's tests. Awesome. Thanks so much for coming
out to Chicago. Your seminar was just incredible!
All of your guest speakers had a tremendous wealth
of knowledge that I'm sure will be benefiting from
for years to come. Oh yeah, you kicked ass too!


Ok here is a success story for ya: My roommate and
I went to a bar to visit a friend that worked there.
When we found out she didn't work there any longer
we decided to stick around for a couple of drinks
(it was our first time there). Well, we just hated
this place. The music sucked and the people there
were just kids from a nearby college...The total frat
mentality going on here. Not my scene. So there's
this cute Latin girl at the bar with her friend who
was so-so. Anyway, I asked her if she actually came
here often because this place sucks! She was just
like "Oh my god, this place does not suck! My friend
works here!". Then I said "Yeah, well my friend USED
TO work here and I don't blame her for quitting". We
chatted for a bit and I made fun of her big ass and
called her a J-Lo wanna-be (thanks Dave, for that
one). Here is where it got really good: When my roommate
and I decided it was time to get the hell out of there
I asked her for her email. When she said she didn't
have one, I asked if she ever used electricity and
BAM! I get a huge laugh! So I told her to give me her
number and as she wrote it down I drilled her by asking
if this is a number that she will actually answer.
She writes 'MAYBE' under the number. As soon as I saw
that I was like "Uhm, you know what? You can have
this back, I don't need it. It was nice meeting you,
bye." My roommate and I leave. The story doesn't end
there! Two weeks later, I get a call at work and it's
her! The piece of paper that she wrote her phone number
down was the back of my business card! NICE! We've gone
out a few times since then and things are going great!
I don't even have to call her, she's calling me! Thank
you, Dave!! You deserve every bit of success that
comes your way!!



This is a great story.

You've described a mysterious process that happens
once you begin to approach Jedi level with this material.

There's something about walking away from a woman,
not calling her, etc. that triggers some sort of mechanism
that causes women to call at the most unlikely times.

My experience is that there's some kind of 2-4 week
timer in a woman's head that goes off if she doesn't
hear from you...

Again, I have no explanation for this particular bizarre
pattern, but it has happened to me so many times that
I can't believe it.

Women who have guys calling them day and night will
be walking through their house one evening and all
of a sudden think "Where is that one guy? I have to
call him... why isn't he calling me?".

Of course, as this begins to happen, you can take
this as a strong signal that you're beginning to REALLY
get it.

Thanks for the email, and thanks for coming to my
program in Chicago... and helping make it great.


Dear Dave d

My name is N, thank you for ur kind email. I have
had, for the past six years problems talking to women.
Often I approach one that takes my fancy in a bar and
she just laughs in my face, perhaps it is my mullet
and novelty beard but i dont want to change my image
as im happy with the way i look. I also seem to find
myself feeling sexually pent up and this makes me more
desperate and hence starts a chain of cataclismic problems
in which i just frighten off any women by suggesting
she "come back to my place". I dont know how to leave
this vicious circle of dating desperation i have found
myself in. I was just wondering if you had any advice
for such a lost cause.

yours faithfully

n (the potential loser)


Mullet and "novelty beard"?

The "potential loser"?

Yep, that's a real question, from a real person.

Sometimes I get emails from guys who say things like
"Are all those stories and emails you print real?
Or do you make them up?".

Well, I'm here to tell ya... I don't make any of these
stories and questions up... ever. Not even one.

I mean, could I MAKE UP stuff like this? lol...


I would just like to say that your techniques seem
to be flawless. Maybe there's an exception or two
out there, but I haven't seen it. I used to be the
wuss of all wusses, but then I found your materials.
Great stuff. I learned it all, but it took me a while
to actually employ your strategies because I was such
a huge wuss before and lacked the confidence and security
to really attempt it. Recently (within the past two
months) I have taken that step to actually practice
what you preach, and I've found it to be incredible.
All I needed was an attitude change. It was a lot like
one of the emails you included in a past mailbag, about
keeping that attitude of "next" with women. I just
decided that I absolutely did not care at all how they
reacted to anything I had to say. This simple change
gave me the power to say whatever I wanted with women,
and the whole cocky&funny routine just naturally followed
suit. It's great. Now I've got women who just can't
seem to get enough of me. All you guys out there need
to realize that David is right. He's said time and time
again that it really doesn't matter what you say, but
how you say it, along with all your body language, and
when you realize that, you no longer worry about what
you say to women and everything becomes more comfortable.
And when you're comfortable, cocky&funny is easy. So
go out there and bag some ladies! That is, if I don't



It doesn't matter what you say... it's HOW you say

There, I said it again.

Thanks for the email. I appreciate it.


you know im not dissin you, im sure you provide a
good service, but i am a regular guy and i like to
do for others, especially women i like, and im not
gonna hide who i am , im a nice guy who does not play
games, ill admit i get played, sometimes, but thats
the price i have to pay for being such a great guy.
good luck and i hope that not too many meaningless
relationships come from your advice, leading to a higher
divorce rate.


IMPORTANT: I've included the above letter because
I want to use it to demonstrate the attitude of a
guy who is naturally UNSUCCESSFUL with women.

This particular guy actually thinks that his approach
of "getting played a few times" because" that's' the
price I have to pay for being such a nice guy" is
not only the best thing for him, but also the best
thing for everyone else.

Notice the "I hope not too many meaningless relationships
come from your advice" comment.

The subtle implication is that what I teach is bad
for relationships... and that "doing for others" and
"being a nice guy" are the ultimate sacrifice and
demonstration of your superiority.

Well, I have some sobering news, Mr. Smarty...

Your self image of a "great guy" who "does for others...
especially women you like" and who "sometimes gets
paid" but "that's the price you have to pay for being
such a great guy" is, in my opinion, WAY OFF BASE.

Let's talk, can we?

When a guy "does especially nice things for women
he likes", he is attempting to MANIPULATE HER.

Guess why you "get played"?

Right, because women can sense this manipulative
behavior, and they take advantage of the perks without
giving anything in return.

The only way to "get played" is to walk into a relationship
with a woman thinking that doing unhealthy, unbalanced
things like taking her out, buying her things, and
giving her gifts is the "such a nice guy" thing to

Well, it isn't.

It's the SUCH A WUSSY thing to do.

It's the "I don't think a woman would just like me
for who I am, so I'm going to try to BUY her attention,
approval, and affection with gifts and favors" thing
to do.

And finally, your not-so-subtle suggestion that the
things I teach guys contributes to "meaningless relationships"
and "a higher divorce rate" did not go unnoticed.

And guess what?

It's misinformed.

The reality is that YOU are the one who is doing things
that are leading to more "meaningless relationships"
and "a higher divorce rate".

Stop the insanity, man.

Women don't want Wussies! They don't want men who
have to BUY their attention and approval.

They don't want men who act like WOMEN.

They want men who act like MEN.

Do yourself a huge favor. Think this one over carefully.
I can tell that you're not TRYING to manipulate women
and do things that lead to more "meaningless relationship"
and contribute to "a higher divorce rate"... but you

Don't you hate it when people twist your words around
and use them against you?

Well, it's my job, so I have a good excuse.


Dear David,

You have been a god send the last few months since
i discovered your mailing list. It's been a great
daily reminder and motivator. But now i have a kinda
odd question. You've always taught that attractive
women are always approached and they all have seen
and heard all the lines. yata yata. BUT what if i'm
not normal and i don't chase after hot model figures,
but rather a down to earth, pretty cute and nice, not
to wild, doesn't even go to bars much. Would your advice
still apply. This situation kinda reminds me of American
Pie, where one of the characters, i forget his name,
has to go after a not so hot, plain jane choir girl.
I'm sure if she was real, she would not have been
approached by as many guys as a hot girl would be
approached by. Does the cocky/funny attitude come
off as different for this type of girl, or just kinda
rude and pushy. Please include this in your newsletter
as i'm sure there's a bunch of guys out there that
don't always go after the head cheerleader type. Do
it for all of us nerds.

PS, One of my favorite tips in your book was to watch
James Bond movies and learn his posture and attitude,
etc. Its killer, i swear its worked like gold for me.
Lots of contact from females. woohoo

MO from KS


ANSWER: Yes, my advice will still apply. Now quit
TALKING about it and THINKING about it and get out
there and DO SOMETHING.

Find out for yourself.

The only one who can really validate this stuff for
you is YOU.

Go use the materials!


Hi David,

My name is Jason. I'm one of your recent customers.
I am reading your book on being successful with women.
There's a girl that I am really falling for. She's
a real sweet/nice one. She's one in a million. Now,
I read your book but it only seems to be relevant if
a guy wants to find a one night stand or a little
fling. I don't mean to disrespect your writing. It's
just that I'm looking for something other than that
typical dating scene. I would just like to ask you
to give me some tips on getting a nice, down to earth
girl, and how to make it last. I know that you're a
busy man but I would really appreciate this. I think
she's the one.

Thank you very much.


Please also recommend some books for me really
funny. Thanks



Look, you sound to me like you're about to make a
HUGE mistake with this girl.

My materials are NOT directed at guys who only want
to get into "one night stands".

My book is directed at guys who want to learn about
how to make women feel ATTRACTION for them.

Now, if this girl is extra sweet, nice, etc. and she's
quiet, shy, and introverted, you'll probably have
to "turn things down" a bit.

But my guess is that YOU are the "extra sweet and
nice" one here... not her.

You're probably projecting all kinds of imaginary
ideas onto her, and you're probably acting like a
six-week-old puppy who lost his mom when you're
around her.

I'll tell you what...

See how well that strategy works for you, and when
she says "I like you so much as a friend that I don't
want to do anything to take a chance of messing that
up" (Translation: "I'm not feeling any ATTRACTION
for you"), refer back to my book.

My book teaches you to be INTERESTING... to be UNPREDICTABLE...
to be fun and challenging.

But it's your choice.

You get to make all the calls in your life.

If I were in your situation, I'd be doing the things
to make her feel ATTRACTION... not the things that
make her feel the "what a sweet guy" feelings.

Save all that for after you're in a relationship.

But again, it's your choice. It's your life.

You have to do what you think is best, because you
are the one who gets to live with the results.

If I were in your shoes right now, I would waste NO
time getting your hands on my Advanced Dating Techniques
DVD program.

Just do it.

I don't care if you order it, watch the whole thing
10 times, then send it back and ask not to be charged.
Just get it. You need it.


Dearest Dave

Well, you've done it. Your number one on my best
pal list. What can i say? About 3 months ago i purchased
your E-books. About am on a saturday morning. I didn't
have much planed for the day, so i read, and read,
then read some more, i could feel the change whilst
reading. (realization) I could feel sparks in my head.

Saturday night i was buzzing. I was new and improved
and wanted to show it. I didn't over dress like i
normally do for a night out. Just (ENGLAND) rugby
shirt and jeans. I'm not sure what happened but 4
girls i had never met and did not know each other
were hanging around me.

Basically i had told each one earlier whilst being
cocky and funny that "I know you like me i can tell
from your body language, But i don't think you could
handle me, How ever that girl over there can (Just
pointed to any other girl in vicinity)"

4 Girls were discretely trying to shove bits of
paper with numbers, e-mail's, etc. in my jeans.

3 months now and i'm still in contact with 3 of
them. But i may go for one in particular.

Its amazing. This is me. I've finally escaped from
mr nice guy. I still have loads to learn and this
girl may not be the one but thanks for the boost.

M .



I love stories like this one.

The reality is that we all have the potential to go
out and make this happen... it just comes down to
learning how to think, what to do, and how to do it.

Your comment "This is me" was great.

It's great to "escape from Mr. Nice Guy", isn't it?
And it certainly doesn't hurt that women love it when
you escape as well...


Hello Dave,

Who made you an expert with women? You must be a
complete idiot to think that you have something as
complicated as the mind of a modern woman figured


Yea, you're right. I suck.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

In fact, I'll tell you what I'm going to do...

I'm going to stop paying attention to the hundreds
and thousands of emails I get with amazing success
stories from all over the world... many of which
you're reading in this newsletter.

I'm going to just give up and stop even trying to
figure women out.

I'll tell you what... good luck with your future
interactions with women.

Sounds to me like you might need it.

Hey, buy a lottery ticket while you're at it...


Hey Dave,

thanks for all the fantastic advice. No God references
today, but I can't begin to imagine where this stuff
will actually take me. You rule!

I was invited to a party a few weeks ago by my 21
yr. old brother. I'm 27, so I was a little apprehensive.
You know how those parties go. Anyway, the party was
on the same night that I had stumbled on to your material.
I grazed over some of the other success stories, absorbed
what I could and was off to the races.

I used one particular tactic in that mailbag and
I haven't been able to get rid of the girl. She asked
me how old I was. I scowled at her and asked, "How
much do you weigh?" The whole house erupted in laughter.
And the girl... well, you know the rest.

I figured if it worked on and average-joe kind of
girl, why not try it on the sexy brainiacs I can never

Right I/you were. Now on to a question, if I may.

Very attractive waitress at a pool hall I frequent.
Used the c/f tactic. Beautiful! Found out whether
or not she was single. Bingo! Talked w/ her, teased
the hell out of her. She even neglected her customers
so she could talk to me. Perfect set up for ending
it early. I told her she wasn't going to make enough
money to take me out for drinks if she kept ignoring
her tables.

Anyway, I found out what kind of music she likes.
Made her a cd, put some art work in the case, (I thought
that by making a cd and inserting art she'd be more
impressed that I spent the time making something for
her rather than buying her some cheesy gift) put a
note in it that read, "You're probably not used to
getting attention from really, really, really good
looking guys like me. I just thought I'd give you
a shot, see if you could handle me. Drop me an email.
Now!" Just wanted to know how you felt about the way
I handled it. I'm a relatively confident person, just
wanted some feedback from the master.
Thanks again,

J.B., Salt Lake City, Utah


Ohhhhh noooooooo.... NOOOOOO....

You did WHAT?

You made her a CD?


Thinking that she'd be MORE IMPRESSED if you SPENT

OK, go back to the end of the line.

You get a D minus.

The only reason I didn't give you an F was because
your story at the beginning was so fantastic... and
I admire the hell out of you for USING WHAT YOU LEARNED.

OK, so let's talk, shall we?

Next time, do this:

Right after you've told her that she needs to get
back to work and make some money to take you out,
say "Here, write down your email and number... and
your name".

Then drop her an email the next day that says:

"Hey, I was just checking back with you... I wanted
to know how much you made last night. It didn't look
like you were making much money by standing around
talking to me, and if you wound up coming home with
no tips, then you're not going to be able to take me
out for a drink and keep me surrounded by the type
of lifestyle that I've become accustomed to..."

No CDs, no art, no girlie behavior, OK?



Long before I ever knew about your book and techniques,
I met a model at a large automobile and boat show.
She was working one of the boating manufacturers booths.
As I walked by, she told me I needed to get a polaroid
with her, only $5. This woman was so unbelievably hot--from
face to feet, from front, side, rear, angle, you name
it---HOT!!! The most gorgeous human being I had ever
seen in person, period. This threw me into funny/cocky/
I really don't care mode without even knowing it. I
politely told her I thought it was "weird" to take
a polaroid together, and what the heck would I do with
it anyway. We ended up talking, as the show was a bit
slow due to a snow storm. At the time, I worked as
a sales rep for a cellular provider, and she was in
the market for a cell phone. I gave her my card and
that was that.

Three months later, I get a phone call on my cell
phone, and it's her. She introduces herself, asks
if I remember her, and then she proceeds to talk my
ear off, non-stop for about 20 minutes. At this point
she says to me, "I'd like to take you out to some
clubs and blow your mind". I started laughing, and
she asked what I thought was so funny. Now bear in
mind that if the two of us were to be seen in public
together, it would look like a kidnapping to the casual
observer. She was 21---super super hot. A genetic
marvel. I was 33, tall (6'1") skinny (155lbs) bald
(on top) with glasses. No tan, no muscles, no hair,
not even a good dresser. So I told her what is so
funny is that her business card scoring system has
a flaw in it. That I certainly remember her, but
she apparently had mis-filed my business card into
the wrong pile. I actually said to her, "I'm an old,
tall, skinny, bald guy with glasses". She laughed
and said she remembered me perfectly--that I looked
her in the eyes when I spoke to her, and that she thought
I was cute.

So we got together that week, and I hooked her up
with a cell phone and plan, and we exchanged numbers--
-obviously, I've got her cell #. I never called her.
What's the point I'm thinking---she got what she wanted,
a cell phone and a deal--and I have mirrors in my house.
2 weeks later she calls and wants to know why I haven't
called her. I was polite, but not concerned about it,
told her It didn't make sense for us to go out, etc.
We ended up getting together, having unreal sex, and
so much fun. This has gone on for 3 years, and is still
going on. I rarely call her, never act clingy. She
tells me I'm one of the funniest guys she's ever met,
and I'm unexplainably cocky around her.

The point to this whole story, is that not until
I got your online book, did I even realize that I
did what I did. I did it without being cognitive
of what I was doing--and it worked like a charm. I
am ALWAYS the NICE guy, needy, clingy, sweet. Always
call, call when I say I'll call, show up exactly when
I said I'd show up, blah blah blah. And all these
years I couldn't figure out why this totally hot,
erotic, fantasy babe was calling me, pursuing me,
liking me, enjoying me. I wish I had your book ten
years ago. It took an extreme situation for me to
relax, not try too hard, be myself, and act cocky
and funny. Here I had been leaving her wanting more,
needing more, wondering when I'd call, why I didn't
call, but all the time we are together, I'm so nice,
funny, attentive, but not clingy, needy. She actually
believes that I don't care if I ever see her again
after every time we're together. And I look at every
time we're together as our last--and a bonus for me.

Amazing stuff--I recommend EVERY MALE interested
in women get your book, read it, believe in it, DO

Thought you'd enjoy my story.



Yes, great story.

And now you know!

I'd comment, but your story was already waaaaay past
the "too long" limits.

You get it, and I get it... very nice work, and I'm
glad the puzzle has finally all come together for



Well Dave, you're gonna be proud of me. Today, for
the first time, I implemented what I've read fully,
and came out of it with two email addresses. (I would've
gotten numbers, but they would be long distance, so
I decided against it) I went to this fall party and
there was this thing where we walked through the woods,
so I was just trying to be cocky and funny, and this
girl and her friend starting walking near me most of
the time, so I focused my cocky-ness upon them. One
of them said that I needed to be at the back of the
group, so I made even more of an effort to get in
front of them. I constantly pointed out that the
one girl (the one who I was interested in) was running
into branches and falling over logs. She then at
one point said something to the effect of "I smell
bad" and I quickly threw in that "I wasn't going to
say anything about it". She laughed and said, "that
was really nice." And then kept laughing. I took a
couple other opportunities to bust her balls as well.
Then I asked the guide or whoever to take us around
again, and she was one of the people to immediately
agree with me. We basically walked next to each other
the whole time.

Well everyone was getting ready to leave and all,
so I started digging through my pockets. They asked
what I was doing and I told them I was looking for
a piece of paper, so that I could "expand my knowledge
of people" and "get some more friends". The one girl
pointed out that I had hands (good observation, huh?)
and then went to taking my hand, holding it in one
and writing her email address on it with the other.
Then her friend wanted to give me hers as well, so
she took my other hand and did the same. Then I left
with the basic idea of her seeming like she'd be a
"good friend". Man, I love your stuff, Dave!

Thanks a lot dude,
J D in Indiana


Yea, you're the man.

You know, I love it when guys write to me and ask
questions like:

"If I'm talking to two women, and I don't know which
one I like, what should I do? I don't want to screw
it up and offend one of them... and if it doesn't
work out with one of them it would be cool to be able
to switch to the other... so which one should I get
the email and number from?"


The ultimate way to handle two or three or more women
that are all beautiful and interesting is to say "You
know, you guys are EQUALLY DORKY, so instead of just
rejecting all of you, I'll let you all give me your
numbers, and maybe we can hang out sometime... and
I can teach you how to be cool like me...".

When you just relax, have fun, and approach the situation
casually, you can walk away with ALL of the women's

And guess what?

Attractive women know OTHER attractive women.

If it doesn't work out with one, she'll know ten more.

Think big, act big, and you'll reap big rewards.

Nice work... thanks for the great story. It's always
great to hear about how these materials work in "real"



Bullseye! Your e-book is exactly right! It reminds
me of when I was flying for the Air Force (Trust me
Dave, NOBODY is cockier than a pilot). My buddies
and I would walk into a Dallas bar like we owned the
place (shoulders back, chin up, slow walk). Guys would
end up with some absolutely gorgeous women before
too long. Sometimes it only took as much as catching
a woman looking at you, curling your finger in a "come
hither" fashion and you were off to the races. After
reading your book, I realize the attraction was all
about body language. We just DID it without thinking
about it or having a method. I had no idea there WAS
a method so I want to learn more (your DVDs are on the
way). Now I realize just about all the times I've been
wildly successful with women have to do with cocky+funny
and other techniques you mention. "Oh! My hair is
such a mess," she said. And I replied, "Yeah, it is!
I don't think I can be seen with you!" I had to laugh
when I read that one. I actually used that quite a
while ago. She grinned, smacked me in the arm and said,
"Shut up!" --still grinning. Also, every time I've
failed miserably with a woman it is because of something
you recognized as "failure tactics." Like you, I've been
on both sides of the "dating capabilities" fence and
the women and life in general are soooo much better on
this side as an alpha male. You've done a great job
of focusing your product on meeting women but readers
should know that you are selling a whole lot more than
just technique. You're selling a bit of freedom, self-respect,
and relaxation. Think about it. what kind of lion would
you rather be? The alpha male that owns hundreds of
square miles, never goes hungry, and gets laid, or the
juvenile male who gets his ass kicked and has to hump
a tree for companionship? It's good to be the king!
It's all in the mind set.

I've got a question. My home town is pretty small
and so has "small town women looks" if you know what
I mean so I'm kind of stuck. Luckily, there is a great
city about 75 miles away that I'm trying to move to.
I go there pretty often especially since I have family
there. Until I move, I probably won't be going to the
city just for "a cup of tea and some stimulating conversation."
But I figure on meeting my next girlfriend from the
big city I can say, "I'm hanging out with my brother
on Saturday. Maybe afterwards you could meet me at
Juan Valdez's cafe for a cup of tea and stimulating
conversation." Sound like a plan? What other suggestions
do you have for a guy with high standards living in
a small town?



You know, as I ready your email I thought about that
scene in Top Gun where they're in the bar, and the
guys are all in uniform picking up the babes.

The arrogance and cocky attitudes coming from Tom
Cruise and Val Kilmer were the epitome of what you're
talking about.

It's interesting that you had that experience in real

I've only known one guy that was a "Top Gun Pilot"
type of guy.

He was from San Diego, and he was actually one of
the instructors at the Top Gun school.

This guy was probably 5'4" tall... but he had this
attitude about him that said "I AM THE MAN".

He was always surrounded by women, of course.

To answer your question, I think you're on the right

I've had dates with women that lived 2,500 miles away...
no problem.

Instead of "maybe afterwards you could meet me" you
could say "I'm going to be in the area on Sunday...
so get me while the gettin is good... and don't screw
this up!".

The "maybe you could meet me" sounds weak.

You're not looking for approval, remember?



Impressive material, damn impressive. I went out
with someone yesterday and because she lives a couple
of hours away, we met halfway (hey I enjoy the town
we met in, it's a college town and I knew if things
didn't work out--well) The C&F worked like a charm,
combined with the overly comfortable and I'm choosing
you. Even though I took her to lunch, a movie and
a bar, it was because I wanted to do all these things,
no wussy behavior. (Still have a question though)
At one point while we were having lunch she pretended
to clam-up and not talk because I had teased her a
little. So without a beat, I look out pretending to
talk to an imaginary waitress and say, "Waitress, can
I have a new date please, this one's sour." I hear
a guy on a date a couple of tables away just lose
it laughing. The whole time I was working on the C&F
and the two-steps forward and one back. Then while
we shot pool, she kept saying things that were sooooo
easy to tie sexual innuendo to. We ended up having
a decent make out session in the pool room. We'd be
kissing and I'd just stop, push her away and say,
"You're just trying to break my concentration," and
then go shoot my turn. Even though I wanted to charge
ahead faster than I did, I decided to work the skill
set. Having the steps you listed for advancing in the
e-book are the sequence I was working on and towards.
Whew! Impressive material, damn impressive.

My question is how do I not fall into the Provider/boyfriend
role you talk about when I'm meeting women on-line
from a distance and we meet someplace. Seems kind of
weird just to meet for coffee if we're both traveling.
Last question: Only two paragraphs? Some of these
guys are writing War and Peace in the first paragraph
to meet that rule.

Last thing, just taking the time to smell her shoulders
and neck before even attempting to kiss her is something
I wish I had learned along time ago. She had to fight
to keep herself calm after I had done that on and off
for a few minutes in the bar. Very enjoyable for the
woman, me too. The whole date was like playing a game
of poker where I knew every card she had and I could
deal any card I wanted whenever I wanted. Nice.



Your email is gold.

A fantastic example of how to behave with a woman
who is getting physical with you early on.

Kiss her, then push her away and accuse her of trying
to break your concentration.

Pure gold.

You know, I'm trying to figure out what you're asking
me with the "How do I not fall into the Provider/boyfriend
role when meeting women online from a distance?" question.

This sounds to me like a classic case of you bringing
your own limiting beliefs and views to the situation...
and making things difficult for yourself.

If you're meeting a woman someplace that is far from
where you are she live, then it's MORE LIKELY that
you're NOT going to wind up as boyfriend and girlfriend,

So just chill. Relax, and enjoy yourself.

If you think that you HAVE to act like a boyfriend,
then you're going to wind up becoming one... with
a woman you're not that interested in.



I had the ultimate C&F "zen moment" at the end of
my date last nite. When I first scheduled a date
with this girl, I'd been making some comments about
sandwiching her in between my 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock
(quite literally, I am booked solid... hot dates for
weeks in advance, thanks to you and C&F!), so she had
better impress me in her allotted time slot since the
competition was so fierce. Anyway, had a fun night
of cocktails, busting on her the whole time, keeping
her on the fine line between laughing her ass off and
"omigod-did-he-really-SAY-that?!?". We were saying
goodnight in the parking lot after, and the girl literally
attacked me. After making out w/ her for a few minutes
I pulled back and said, totally deadpan, "Not bad...
you were almost as good as my 6 o'clock." At which
point the girl practically screamed in (sexual) frustration,
"You are SO DAMN COCKY!... and I LOVE IT!!!!!"

Straight from the proverbial horse's mouth. :-)
I'll let you guess what happened next.

Your material has put me in the "driver's seat"
in relationships for the first time in, like, ever.
I've now been on dates with 4 different girls over
the last 5 nights. Girls are fighting over me and
my friends think I'm a god... all thanks to you and
those three magic words, cocky and funny. Wow. I'm
on the verge of nominating you as godfather for my
dozens of imminent love children.

E. in Seattle


Dozens of imminent love children?

You might want to consider preventative surgery.

Sounds like you're on a rampage.

Isn't it amazing how we've all had women we are interested
in talk about other guys, but most of us wouldn't
DREAM of mentioning other women...

But, oh the effect it has... even when used in jest
and fun.

Great story...

Oh, and if you're reading this right now and thinking
to yourself "DUDE! I really need to be having four
dates in five nights", then guess what?


You do.

And I'll tell you something.

If you're walking around right now and you have no
idea HOW to get four dates in five nights, then that's
only the tip of the iceberg.

I KNOW what it's like to not know how to meet women...
it sucks.

It's like a constant drag on your mind and emotions.
Everywhere you go, and everywhere you look are more
reminders of the fact that you don't know how to attract

It really does suck.

Well, I spent many years of my life in that same situation,
and I finally got to the point where I just couldn't
stand it anymore.

It took me YEARS or trial and error, learning, testing,
trying things that didn't work, and getting to know
guys who were "naturals" with women... but in the end
I figured it out.

And if YOU want to figure it out, then I highly recommend
that you get your hands on my Advanced Dating Techniques
CD/DVD program.

It contains over twelve full hours of me personally
teaching all of the best concepts, secrets, and step-by-step
techniques for overcoming your fears, approaching women,
getting emails and numbers, getting dates, and taking
things to a "physical level".

This program will pay for itself over and over and
OVER AND OVER again in time saved, money not wasted,
and MOST IMPORTANTLY... the feeling that you finally
have control of this area of your life.

All the details plus some great free audio and video
samples are here:

And if you'd like to get an introduction to my basic
concepts and techniques, then you need to go and download
a copy of my online eBook "Double Your Dating". You
can download it right now and be reading it within
a few minutes. It's here:

I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David D.

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