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American Online Dating Agencies

The 'pick of the crop' of American online dating services. Members of these sites are mainly American and Canadian. Ranked according to their popularity.

We offer the Alexa ranking for each of the sites we list. Alexa ranks the 16.5 million active websites on the Internet from # 1 (Yahoo), #2 (Microsoft) # 3 (Google) etc. Sites ranked under 165000 are in the Top 1%.

The Top 3 American online dating agencies are Match (#57), American Singles (# 179) and Date (# 658). High ranking does not prove quality, but it does mean that they are used by millions.


With an Alexa ranking of 57 and a membership of over 8 million, Match is the largest and most successful online dating agencies on the net.

The main site focuses on the USA, BUT it has more than 30 'sub sites' focused on many languages and many countries around the world - see our International online dating listings. Strongly recommended - a pioneer of online dating that has grown from strength - definitely one of the best.

To take a look at Match, click here

American Singles

The second most popular online dating agency we have come across (Alexa = 179). Definitely North American - USA and Canada - not recommended for other countries. Lots of advanced features and free to sign-up. Also free to send 'teases' even if you are not a paid-up member. Technical support for those who are not sure how things work. Millions of members. Recommended.

To take a look at AmericanSingles, click here


US-based MatchMaker enables you to sign-up by city (about 70 US cities), many interest groups such as Gay, Christian, Jewish, Spanish and many others. It also allows sign-up by a number of countries and regions - but not Africa.

With its Alexa rating of 475 this is obviously one of the most popular online dating services on the Internet. It offers an excellent search system, is easy to use and offer a fun experience. Recommended.

To take a look at MatchMaker, click here

Date is one of the most popular on the Internet - Alexa ranking 658 - is primarily US-based. However it does enable searching by region - United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe - Western, Europe - Eastern, Oceania, Africa and Asia.

The international flavour does not come across as effectively as Match with its 30+ sub-sites and FriendFinder with its many separate sites. It claims over a million members with a pretty even 55% - 45% male-female split and an easy-to-use interface. Good bet.

To take a look at Date, click here


FriendFinder has almost 5 million profiles and at any time you can find thousands logged into the system. No obvious international flavour, BUT there a number of related sites such as FrenchFriendFinder and IndianFriendFinder - see our International listing.

An Alexa ranking 728 makes it the fourth most popular online dating site we have found. FriendFinder has an extensive chat room and advanced searches to find you just the person you are looking for.

To take a look at FriendFinder, click here


Alexa 1336 suggests this is one of the more popular dating sites in the Internet. It invites search by country and flags the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland. DatingDirect is UK-based.

Easy to use. Free to join? Yes, but...! As in the case of other dating web sites it is free to join, free to search, but you must upgrade your membership in order to contact or reply to other members.

To take a look at Dating Direct, click here


Ranked # 7 of the online dating services we found (Alexa 1343). The system allows you to send messages for free. Prepayment for replies guarantees.

We took 'the tour' - no obvious signs of an International service - leads one to assume little participation by non-Americans.

To take a look at DreamMates, click here

Cupid Junction

Cupid Junction (Alexa ranking 3068) offers 'a tour' almost identical to DreamMates (above) and may well be served by the same database. We caution against joining both unless you check this out first. Might be a waste of time and money. No sign of international flavour. Joining is free.

To take a look at Cupid Junction, click here

Last but NOT least - eHarmony

This is a much more serious web site (we says this in a positive way) than all the others and takes its matching role VERY seriously. Despite its seriousness - including a long questionnaire that is used to compare 29 'Key Matching Dimensions' - it has a high Alexa ranking of 1839.

If you are serious about finding the right person, this could be the right one for you - if you are a North American. We saw no sign of an international aspect and suspect that the serious matching criteria could reduce the number of international matches to zero or nearabouts.

To take a look at eHarmony, click here

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